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One-stop-shop to help you unlock a new version of yourself using the perfect blend of western science and eastern wisdom through Hypnotherapy, Breathwork and Neurolinguistics.

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Our Method: The How

Our method is the key to unlocking lasting solutions to complex problems, as it focuses on the 'how' by leveraging innovative techniques and strategies to achieve rapid results in record time.


Understand your Self

Online learning programs that empower you with practical knowledge to enhance your journey of self-mastery and self-expression.


Master the Mind

Hypnotherapy and counselling sessions to break free from the demons of your past that are haunting your present and address the root cause of your problems.


Anchor the Body

Breathwork sessions to release blocks in your mind and body through a perfect blend of western science and eastern wisdom.

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Our Clients: The Who

Who we're PERFECT for...

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Our Results: The What

Here's what our clients have to say

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My daughter would at times suffer from a sort of anxiety that would affect her speech and rationale thinking. Raunak was extremely patient in his teachings with her, and in only a short period of time did we see such an amazing change. It’s been over 18 months now since Raunak began working with my daughter. I will always be grateful to him, for all that he has done.



Raunak is a very honest super coach where I felt a lot of release through his journeys and his guidance and follow-up help me motivated to keep listening to his tapes and a shift in my thinking level. The confidence level he guided and he recognized my unique quality and put it into the front and his breathwork style had a huge impact on my body



Thanks to you Raunak.. my first flight after 3 years was quite flawless and I didn’t tremble or crumble. His process of diagnosis, knowledge and understanding of emotions and the role language plays is phenomenal. His method of treatment is beautifully layered and his knowledge of the tools and techniques and the method of treatment required at different stages is excellent and well-informed.



I had been a part of NLP Training with Raunak Shah for my stammering issue. I can definitely sense the improvements in my speech and I am sure if I will further work as per his recommendations I will definitely improve.



Raunak shed light on my problems and provided me with the language to comprehend and articulate them. Thanks to his techniques we were able to make a HUGE dent in the problem which was previously laid barren for years. I can say with absolute certainty that the progress I have made on my speech with his help has been unparalleled



Before experiencing my breathwork journey with Raunak, I was feeling agitated as I was under a lot of stress that day. During the journey, I was able to release my frustration and relax on a very deep level. Since working with Raunak, I was able to effectively solve the problem I was struggling with and in a much easier and clear way.



I’ve done about 2 transformational breathwork journeys with Raunak, and every time it was absolutely amazing. I have massive and powerful releases each time. I felt I was guided safely at both times and well supported. Thank you Raunak for being a part of my self-healing. I really appreciate your support and am extremely grateful



My Story: The Why

Toxic relationships

Body insecurity

Failed startup

Living with a speech impediment for over 16 years.

Hey, my name is Raunak and this is exactly who I was back in August 2020, when I came across something that had the potential to change my life, something known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Using the wisdom and the tools of NLP, within 6 months I managed to reverse a stammer that I had all through 16 years of my life, which technically, has no proven scientific solution. That got me thinking,

”How many of us continue to suffer the consequences of our problems simply because we’ve been convinced that they have no solution?”

Maybe if somebody would have given me the right solution when I was younger, I could have lived a very different life. That was it for me…I had to learn more.

One concept, one skill, one teacher at a time I began my quest for discovering new methods of healing hidden under the confines of modern science. What started as a curiosity to understand human behaviour turned into my chosen path and purpose, to be able to create permanent solutions for long-lasting problems within record time.

Since then, I’ve worked with several clients across ages and geographies, helping them break free from their problems and create the life that they deserve.

As of today, I am:

An Internationally Certified Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist

A Certified NLP Master Practioner and a Gestalt Associate Therapist

A Certified Breath Coach and Reiki practitioner

The story of your life is not written in ink. Time to re-write the next chapter.

Come, work with me and let’s see how we can create a new YOU.

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Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

To be the best, you gotta learn from the best. I am privileged to have leanred from these masters

Anil Thomas

Marissa Peer

Brian Kelly

Siji Raveendran

My Certifications

Don’t worry, I’m not just another person trying to give advice. I actually know what I’m doing

Our Courses: Where to Start

We don’t rise to the levels of our wishes, we sink to the level of our wisdom.

Wisdom-Based Living Strategies

We don’t rise to the levels of our wishes, we sink to the level of our wisdom

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Transforming Knowledge to Action

You’re as good as the content in your mind, and we create courses to transform your knowledge into a much sharper weapon that helps you chisel your life into a fantastic masterpiece.

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Accelerate Your Growth on a Shoestring

For something that costs lesser time than a move and lesser money than popcorn, you really have nothing to lose, and potentially everything to gain

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